Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 5 - To Rest or Not to Rest ?

Day 5 (I wrote most of this post last night, the end of Day 5, but then fell asleep before posting it. So it's being posted on Day 6. Confused? Not surprised.)

Going to bed last night I would have sworn that my aching muscles would have been yelling at me this morning not to exercise today. Waking up well rested, it was therefore a fair surprise to find that there were very little in the way of weary muscles. I had pretty well already made my excuses to myself last night to ensure that today was going to exercise free. The lack of tiredness came as a bit of a shock!

I had not factored in time for the gym, so I quickly decided to get my running gear on and to get out of the door before I had time to cine up with fresh excuses as to why I should have a day off. So before I knew it I was running into a stiff breeze along the main village road.

Gt Hallingbury is a pretty little village. However the one road running through it is not particularly runner friendly. There is only a pretty short stretch of pavement and then it is a case of running facing the oncoming traffic that uses our village as a short cut, ignoring our speed limit of 30mph and the possibility of horses, dog walkers, children or runners!

Having been in the comfort of the gym for a couple of days, today's wet and windy weather was challenge enough in itself- not though as much as the uphill climbs that one invariably has to deal with when running round the village. I have never put a running machine on an incline to simulate going uphill. It just doesn't seem natural. The other day I saw a woman on a treadmill who had set the incline so steep and the pace so fast that the poor lady was holding onto the control panel of the machine for dear life. Not a clue what type of work out that was intended to simulate! 

There's nothing like running up inclines (real ones) to get the old legs and lungs working. Although I know it's got to be done, no matter what type of psychology I have used on myself over the years of running ,the truth is that running uphill is not very pleasant. The only thing that I gave found that really works is taking short steps and not looking too far ahead - that and doing enough of it for it to become perhaps not second nature, but third or fourth.

Today, by the time I had done 3.5 miles in 32 minutes, and as I started on another long slow incline, my head ruled my heart and told me that I had done enough for the day and before the heart could argue back, I had indeed stopped. On another day my lack of willpower would gave angered me. However today I reasoned that this was a bonus run, given my thoughts last night about having a rest day.

So with that surprising bit of positive rationalisation, I trudged back home having racked up another consecutive day's worth of cardio work and still feeling pretty good about my efforts over the first five days. 

As it's turned midnight I can positively say that I have again smoked  no cigarettes' today. The physical addiction should by now have been broken. I will have to remain cautious of the little demon on my shoulder, but I guess as an ex smoker, that will always be thus to a greater or lesser degree.

Onwards and upwards and remember : life is for enjoying - not enduring

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